Prize bond list details are available here. It is one in every of the elemental monetary properties of any Country. Pakistan is progressing day by day. Pakistan has been facing lot of issues like electricity issues, terrorist act in addition as several different problems like that of economy for a protracted time. Every Country in the world has different schemes for their peoples. The purpose of these schemes is to fulfill the need of any person. National Savings Komi Bachat is one of that schemes that was introduce in 1960 in Pakistan. National Savings organize the Qurandazi of different categories of Prize bonds. These prize bonds are of 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000 rupees respectively. Every category of prize bond has different prizes name as first, second and third prize. These prizes are of different amount. Each category details are mention below.

Prize bond lists 100

In 100 prize bond list first prize is of Rs. 700000. Second prize is of Rs. 200000. While the third prized is of 1000 rupees. You can get your prize amount by visiting any bank which is registered with state bank of Pakistan. If you wants to see the bond list 100 online check. Then you can check it from here without any difficulty. Moreover, 100 prize bond list 2018 can also be check from this page. Complete list of prize bond 100 can be check from here.

Prize bond Lists 200 | prize bond draw rs 200

In prize bond list of 200 first prizes is Rs. 750000. Second prize is of Rs. 250000. In prize bond draw 200 third prize has the amount of 1250 rupees. 2394 peoples can get the third prize which is Rs 1250. You can get all details about 200 bond list from here. Furthermore, we are also giving you the facility of prize bond 200 check online from here. Complete 200 prize bond list 2018 is available here.

Prize bond List 750

In 750 bond list the winner of first prize will get Rs. 1500000. The second prize has the amount of Rs. 500000. While in prize bond of 750 3rd prize has the amount of 9300 rupees. In prize bond draw 750 total of 1696 peoples can get third prize of 9300 rupees each. Here we will give you complete details of 750 bond list 2020.

Prize bond list 1500

In this category there are also three prizes. First prize is of 3,000,000. Second prize winner can get 1,000,000. While in the 1500 prize bond third prize has the amount of 18,500 rupees. 1500 prize bond result can be check online from here. Furthermore, bond list of 1500 2020 also available here. National Savings organize the prize bond draw 1500 four times in a year.

Prize bond List

Prize bond list 25000

In 25000 prize bond draw first prize is of 50,000,000 rupees. Second prize winner of 25,000 bond can get Rs. 15,000,000. In prize bond 25000 third prize winner get 312,000 rupees. The Draw of 25000 prize bond is organized four times in a year.

40000 prize bond List

The last category of prize bond is prize bond 40000. The winner of first prize get rupees 75,000,000. Second prize winner get the amount of Rs. 25,000,000. While the third prized is of amount Rs. 500,000. Prize bond of 40000 is also known as premium prize bond. Here we will also give you update about prize bond 40000 formula. The prize bond 40000 can change the life of any person even he/she get the third prize.

7500 Prize bond List

All the details about 7500 bond List 2020 is available here. In this category of prize bond first prize is of amount 15,000,000 Rupees. Second prize winner get 5,000,000. You can check all the previous prize bond 7500 result from here. Like other categories of bond prize bond of 7500 is also organize four times in a year.

Prize bond of 15000

Bond list 15000 check online from our website. Third prize winner of 15000 prize bond get the amount of Rs. 30,000,000. Second prize of 15000 bond is rupees 10,000,000. First prize is of amount 185,000 rupees. The winner of prize bond 15000 get the handsome amount.

Prize bond online check

It is very simple to check prize bond result on the internet. Moreover, anyone can buy prize bond online. Furthermore all the details of prize bond draw are also available on National Savings site. Anyone can check prize bond result from there. Anyone can check his/her bond number by matching the number with the list of winning numbers. Check draw result of prize bond from here as well as download prize bond draw result from here.

Prize Bond Schedule 2020

You can check schedule of prize bond for the year 2020 from here. National saving of Pakistan organize the draw of every bond category four times in a year. These categories of bond include 100, 200, 750, 7500, 1500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 rupees prize bond. Forty thousand bond is the expensive bond among all categories of bonds. In short 40000 prize bond can change the life of any person even after winning the third prize from forty thousand bond.